Dazzle.Fit is an innovative virtual race company that allows users to participate in virtual races on their own terms.  The ultimate in DIY fitness!

In early 2016, Co-founders Charlotte and Michele wanted a way to inspire their own families to integrate fitness into everyday life.  They stumbled upon virtual racing and thought it would fit perfectly into their family’s hectic lifestyle.  No one in either family had ever participated in any running events.  By the first race, they all were hooked!  It was amazing the confidence and fitness transformation they noticed not only in themselves, but also their children.  Virtual racing brought into the family the common thread that would keep them all moving and healthy.  They knew right then that they wanted to design amazing medals and start promoting family fitness.  The rest, shall we say, is history.

Still a little unsure what virtual races are?

This exciting new running trend is perfect for seasoned runners, beginners, children or anyone looking for motivation to get moving.  Simply register for a race that inspires you.   Unlike a traditional marathon, with Dazzle.Fit you can walk, run, swim or cycle your way forward.  Track your miles with your favorite fitness tracker or app and log into our user-friendly online portal. You can view your races, enter workouts and track your progress.  Once you finish your race (you will have 6 months from registration to finish) we will send you an amazing custom-designed medal that you can proudly display.

At Dazzle.Fit, we do things a little differently. Unlike other live races where you are competing against others, with Dazzle.Fit your only focus should be on yourself. Your geographical location, time schedule or fitness level should not hinder you from participating in these events.  Moving forward is the key and getting some beautiful ‘bling’ in the process is certainly a bonus.

The Dazzle.Fit community has a common goal: to have fun with fitness despite any limitations we may have.   Join today to share stories, photos and even tips for a healthy life!  We can’t wait to meet you.

Woman riding a mountain bike in the forest.She  resting ,making pause.
Woman walking on a path. (Fitness concept)


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