Lunch Box Love


Monday morning, like pretty much every morning of my life, I am trying to keep it together.  We are late, AGAIN, for school.  I can just feel those judgy eyes of the school secretary as the clock ticks away.  I am rushing to pack a lunch for my two girls that LOOKS like I care about their dental health and physical well being.  You know you do it too, don’t lie!   I cram it all in the appropriate character lunchbox.  To avoid nuclear meltdown, I keep tabs on who likes what, who freaks out when they see a tomato, who refuses to eat an apple whole, who now can’t even look at the sandwich if it’s not cut the right way.  Yeah, it’s like that here too.  Well, I get to the end and realize it’s Monday.  Mondays mean notes in the lunchbox. This is a totally self-imposed task because my mom did it for me.   Because she did it for me I must do it or something bad will happen. Like a sink hole will develop in my living room and suck me into the depths of the molten filled earth kinda bad.

As I stood there staring blankly at my ripped corner off a utility bill page I hit the wall.  Who is this creative at 7am?  Why do I feel this guilt to come up with something witty and inspirational?  Where are my pants?  Oh wait, not relevant.  Why did I not just write a bunch of these warm fuzzies on pretty paper during the summer and then just grab and go?  OMG!  Yeah…the proverbial lightbulb flickered on.

Everyone loves those daily inspirational quotes you see pop up on your social media, right?  I know I do!  My Facebook just KNOWS when I need a little pick-me-up and BAM.  There it is!  The right words at the right moment. Kinda spooky sometimes.  Well, kids are just little versions of ourselves who need the warm feels’ too!  So I created “Lunch Box Love”.  An easy to print (no big ink sucking images, don’t worry) weekly note you can pop into your child’s lunchbox even BEFORE you have your coffee.  One for every Monday to set the tone for the week.  Easy to understand and not too many big words and gender neutral to make life simple.  Simply print out this pdf and grab some scissors since there are 6-8 per page to save paper.

Now go finish cutting up blocks of cheese in perfectly uniform 1” cubes while arranging the crudité into the Mona Lisa, I got this part covered!  You’re welcome.  Print out your lunchboxlove here!

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