Top 5 Apps To Use for Virtual Races

The 5 best rutop5appsnning apps to use for virtual races.

Wrist fitness trackers are all the rage.  Don’t think that you are ready to invest?  Don’t want to worry if you forget it at home?  Have a smart phone?  Well, then you are in luck.  Here is a quick list of the 5 best running apps for your phone.  These will help you track your miles, share you progress with your friends and complete your next virtual race!

Nike+ Run Club

With the power of Nike you can track, store and share your runs.  This app features personalized coaching plans that will adapt to your needs and fitness level.  You can easily compare and compete with friends and fellow runners.  Own an Apple Watch?  Nike+ Run Club works on your wrist and even can record heart rate data.

Map My Run

Over 40 million members make this app one of the most popular.  You will have access to features and tools to help you stay focused and motivated.   You can choose from 600 different sports to get a full log of activities.  This is a real bonus for those who like to do a variety of activities.  For the runners, you will get in-depth insights into distance, duration, calorie burn and more!  Definitely one of my favorite apps!

Polar Beat

Polar Beat also allows for up to 100 different sport activities to track.  Voice guided training can also be added while you track your pace, distance and route.   Personal training plans can also be activated in order for you to train smart and keep up the most effective workout.

Zombies, Run!

Ok, this app adds a bit of fun to your normal fitness tracking.   You won’t get the personalized fitness plan, but you will join 3 million runners on an epic adventure.  This ultra-immersive running game with audio adventures will definitely break up the monotony of your normal route!  You can even add in music from your own playlist.  A fun must try!


Runtastic has all the bells and whistles of your usual fitness tracker.  You get the GPS tracking to map your run and log your miles.  A unique feature that is different is you can log the mileage on your current pair of running shoes and even receive live messages and cheers from your friends on your next run! You can receive individualized running and body transformation plans but that will come at a cost.

Of course there are quite a few fitness trackers (not mentioned) out on the market, with more coming out all the time.  It doesn’t really matter which one you choose as long as it tracks your miles.  Just determine what “extras” inspire you and get moving!  Have an app you want to mention?  Drop us a line and tell us what works for you!

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