About Virtual Races

How Do Virtual Races Work?

Virtual races are the ultimate in DIY fitness. You don’t need a trainer, expensive equipment, or even be present to join one of our amazing races. Simply shop our current race selection, log into your account, track your miles,and start the fun.

You can bike, hike, swim or run the miles of your race. At Dazzle.Fit we want you to do what activity brings you the most joy. When you are finished with a workout simply log your workout in your account and when you complete the challenge (mileage may vary by race), you will be rewarded with a beautiful medal to display!

Remember this is your race on YOUR terms. You can walk, run, pedal or swim yourself over the chosen distance. Do what inspires you!

Dazzle.fit virtual races promote activities you can feel good about. Visit our FAQ’s page for all the information you need to know!

You would be surprised how much motivation a beautiful medal at the end of a race could be! The entire family can get out, get active and get medals! Contact us HERE to discuss special pricing for families or groups!


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